Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Game Art

Here are some screens from one interesting, upcoming, IOS game. For now post is showing some of the buildings that will appear in the game, but will be updated with all game vehicle concepts and models soon. You can check some vehicles and character models on my 3d homepage.


I had a lot of fun creating all that stuff and I really enjoyed in cooperation with guys from Alienmob. Can't wait for game to be finished at last, to see how all that things look together and interact with each other.

More buildings...

This one is showing all game vehicles, from early sketches offering three various options for every vehicle to colored concepts and finally 3d models.

Here is link to game web page if someone wants to try it. For now it is still beta version.


You can also check the game trailer. It's simple video made in AE with materials used in game.


Thursday, 31 October 2013


Since new popular games look almost real, not leaving anything to player imagination, I found them not that interesting as old ones, especially legendary ones. I went so far into the gaming past and found many interesting concepts of playing that are nowadays almost extinct. Of course there're as well those genres that are now generally accepted. We could say that such genres are pioneers and ancestors of todays games. One such is Wolfenstein which started in fact 1981 on Apple II and Commodore 64 and it looked really simple. Castle Wolfenstein inspired Wolfenstein 3d, which was released 1992. There is good page about Wolfenstein through ages.  It helped to popularize FPS and is of great significance for todays shooters. It's interesting that I loved to play Wolf, but I'm not particularly interested in  Call of Duty or Battlefield, or even new Wolfenstein versions. Old one was really simple game, with no serious story, you are escaping from heavily guarded nazi prison, you start barefooted with knife and advancing through the similar looking, but different levels. All that had its own charm and it left a lot of things to imagination. However, today, people are taught to better graphics so they rather play remakes than original game. Me as well, so I found one really interesting, good quality remake, Wolfram. I had fun for a while, and soon came to the end of the game. It's pretty short, but I think that makers are just testing their new engine, so they made just first episode. My only complaint is that enemies in game look like some modern soldiers, only with swastika on their arms, so I decided to create cartoon versions of soldiers from original game. Here is the result.

 And one in the game environment...

...naturally here is also William B.J. Blazkowicz with some of his friends, ready to take care of these nazi guys.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Comics Hero

This is illustration for book cover. It's only half finished, without shadows and it's not colored. However, it's rejected so I can put it on my blog. Apparently there is no visual issues, OK, maybe there is a few, problem is more related to content, precisely to symbols of existing comic heroes that this guy is wearing. Anyway, it was good exercise and even rest from daily 3d job. I just started to enjoy it, but now I must go back to 3d again. For month or two, when one interesting game will already be out, I'll put part of concepts and images of finished models here, to see other cool stuff from game, you'll have to play the game yourself.

Sunday, 30 June 2013


Today we are witnesses of many different interpretations of history. Everything is available to everyone. People write books, make films, documentaries, computer games. They are very often inspired with some historical events. But they are often changing some facts in order to make it more attractive to their audience. Especially appearance and character of some historical figures. (I do not want to mention politicians and their reassessment of history.) Others again are not bothered to connect the characters who lived in the span of 500 years from each other. It's a distant history, so what it's just entertainment, they said, so I'm wondering how would it be that someone in the future make a mix of everything from the 10th century until its time. Would it be possible that some of the knights wore gas masks? Is it possible that more informations is in fact less of correct informations?  Well, I think it makes no sense to fret, there will be a lot of fun for sure.

Here is rough sketch and final sketch before painting...

I'm not entirely satisfied with this one, but it will serve well as reference for one other illustration that I have in mind. Everything is defined here, atmosphere, colors and motive so when I'll be working on that other image I can focus only on correcting mistakes that I made here (both knights are left-handed for example, hands must be more anatomically correct) and on increasing overall attractiveness(maybe more massive fight would look better than this isolated sequence).

Monday, 17 June 2013

Sci fi maiden

During the weekend I caught a bit of time and had fun with Autodesk SketchBook. I use it for some time because my tablet is acting weird in Photoshop. First, I had a problem with animated splash, double clicks and couple of other things. I found solution on forums for it. I updated my driver and nothing changed, then I basically turned off everything in pen & tablet and wacom preferences menu, but three or two second lagging in PS still remained. Here are some links that can help you if you have problems with your tablet. Maybe it will work for you.



SketchBook is getting better and better, and there is no lagging at all, It's working nice and smooth, like every serious graphic software should. I even made some brushes of my own and tested them on this image, although, because of final touch, some effects, blending modes, etc. I had to go back to PS.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another illustration

Here is another illustration for a book. I decided not to copy other people styles and use already proven one on last illustration. Probably would evolve and become more and more special during the time. I worked a lot on this one. First sketch doesn't even look like this. It's in fact just part of the larger picture that I later cropped and made this one. Flying vehicle is 3d model that I made before, huh, five years already, so I decided to use it as a reference. I changed some parts and added container. Same is with city in the back. There is a few different versions of this illustration. One is without puppets eye in crow's beak, and other without green and blue colors with yellow prevailing.

Friday, 1 February 2013


I'm looking for ideal style for book illustration. It should be a little, not to much psychedelic and unreal, like old comics, simple, with clear definition of shapes, not like most of todays concept arts, low detailed and blurry. I'm still experimenting, so any suggestion is welcome. I think that "Le Vagabond des Limbes", should be great reference for future illustrations. BTW It's one of my favorite comics from childhood. Didn't understood a thing, but I really enjoyed the illustrations of Mr. Julio Ribera. It's interesting that "The Vagabond of Limbo" is translated Aster Blistok on Croatian and I have no idea what that means, has something with "stars" and "shine". Probably is translation of his name Axel Moonshine, but not literally, more in the spirit of the Croatian language. Unfortunately there is not much of it on the internet, probably I should try harder to find it, but here is one cover, just to get the picture. Anyway, here is my first and opening illustration. Didn't used any of mentioned references, just tried to get something different. I'm not completely satisfied with it, something is wrong here. Maybe these hunters should be somewhere in the middle of picture, don't really know. In fact I'm satisfied with first part of the picture, lizard and tree, and far back, this tower-like rock.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Mr. Rhino

Earlier I wrote that I have a lot job to do, so here is part of what I have been doing during that time. This is concept art and some renders of well armored humanoid rhinoceros, specially designed to promote and symbolize strength and quality of  Rhino App.net client. Also I think he would not mind to show up in some action computer game, in which, he would cut down evil enemies with his light sphere. On far right of concept art is shown how to relax after a hard fight.

 3d version is modeled in 3d studio MAX, detailed and partly textured in Mudbox and of course good old Photoshop.

Final image done in After Effects since I found it more efficient than PS even for still image when it comes to compositing of previously rendered layers. Also in AE, you can use more interesting effects.