Friday, 4 January 2013

Mr. Rhino

Earlier I wrote that I have a lot job to do, so here is part of what I have been doing during that time. This is concept art and some renders of well armored humanoid rhinoceros, specially designed to promote and symbolize strength and quality of  Rhino client. Also I think he would not mind to show up in some action computer game, in which, he would cut down evil enemies with his light sphere. On far right of concept art is shown how to relax after a hard fight.

 3d version is modeled in 3d studio MAX, detailed and partly textured in Mudbox and of course good old Photoshop.

Final image done in After Effects since I found it more efficient than PS even for still image when it comes to compositing of previously rendered layers. Also in AE, you can use more interesting effects.


  1. You make some amazing models ! Im working on a futuristic game with 3 other guys and we will realeased a demo version at the end of this month, so if you are interested by the game I can tell you more by Skype. We are an indie team, name is MasterDigitalArt.

  2. Hi Theo,

    Please contact me on
    or via facebook if you want quicker communication,
    profile name Ozren F├╝rst, I don't use Skype due to
    some troubleshooting with other software and sound card.

    Thanks for understanding