Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Another illustration

Here is another illustration for a book. I decided not to copy other people styles and use already proven one on last illustration. Probably would evolve and become more and more special during the time. I worked a lot on this one. First sketch doesn't even look like this. It's in fact just part of the larger picture that I later cropped and made this one. Flying vehicle is 3d model that I made before, huh, five years already, so I decided to use it as a reference. I changed some parts and added container. Same is with city in the back. There is a few different versions of this illustration. One is without puppets eye in crow's beak, and other without green and blue colors with yellow prevailing.

Friday, 1 February 2013


I'm looking for ideal style for book illustration. It should be a little, not to much psychedelic and unreal, like old comics, simple, with clear definition of shapes, not like most of todays concept arts, low detailed and blurry. I'm still experimenting, so any suggestion is welcome. I think that "Le Vagabond des Limbes", should be great reference for future illustrations. BTW It's one of my favorite comics from childhood. Didn't understood a thing, but I really enjoyed the illustrations of Mr. Julio Ribera. It's interesting that "The Vagabond of Limbo" is translated Aster Blistok on Croatian and I have no idea what that means, has something with "stars" and "shine". Probably is translation of his name Axel Moonshine, but not literally, more in the spirit of the Croatian language. Unfortunately there is not much of it on the internet, probably I should try harder to find it, but here is one cover, just to get the picture. Anyway, here is my first and opening illustration. Didn't used any of mentioned references, just tried to get something different. I'm not completely satisfied with it, something is wrong here. Maybe these hunters should be somewhere in the middle of picture, don't really know. In fact I'm satisfied with first part of the picture, lizard and tree, and far back, this tower-like rock.