Sunday, 30 June 2013


Today we are witnesses of many different interpretations of history. Everything is available to everyone. People write books, make films, documentaries, computer games. They are very often inspired with some historical events. But they are often changing some facts in order to make it more attractive to their audience. Especially appearance and character of some historical figures. (I do not want to mention politicians and their reassessment of history.) Others again are not bothered to connect the characters who lived in the span of 500 years from each other. It's a distant history, so what it's just entertainment, they said, so I'm wondering how would it be that someone in the future make a mix of everything from the 10th century until its time. Would it be possible that some of the knights wore gas masks? Is it possible that more informations is in fact less of correct informations?  Well, I think it makes no sense to fret, there will be a lot of fun for sure.

Here is rough sketch and final sketch before painting...

I'm not entirely satisfied with this one, but it will serve well as reference for one other illustration that I have in mind. Everything is defined here, atmosphere, colors and motive so when I'll be working on that other image I can focus only on correcting mistakes that I made here (both knights are left-handed for example, hands must be more anatomically correct) and on increasing overall attractiveness(maybe more massive fight would look better than this isolated sequence).

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