Thursday, 14 January 2016

One Mutant per Day

How I'm not entirely satisfied with my sculpting skills I decided to practice a little bit. I found some old files  before a week ago. Date on the files is 2007. , that's the year when I lost all my work by accident. Don't play with Partition Magic if you don't know how it works. When I realized what happened I tried to recover everything with help of some disk recovery software and I was only half successful. There were really old works from 2002. mostly not modeled good but they could be used as a concepts and ideas for something. Anyway, I searched the archive of 3112 3d files and found some interesting mutant and human faces that I modeled back then. They were all derived from the same base model because all of them had the same error on the back of the neck. I decided to use them as a base mesh for sculpting. It's pretty amazing what you can do from simple old models. Somehow, I have a feeling that some of them will grow in fully developed characters. Next, I'll be practicing on some Cyborgs, there are plenty of them in that old archives. Mixtures of organic and hard surface modeling is always a good thing to practice.

 I'm currently working on one very interesting project which will definitely improve my skills, especially character sculpting, rigging and animation. I'm not even close to the end so unfortunately I had to put my personal project on hold. Anyway I'm happy to have a chance to collect some more experience that will help me a lot in future. Here is one guy that I started to work on in January. Seems that he'll get his body a little later.

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