Sunday 25 December 2022

Volkswagen Golf Mk2 & Lada Niva based cars

Finally I can post one of the vehicles that I worked on for open world survival game Scum. The vehicle is modular and you can upgrade it as you wish. You can either find a wreck and assemble it yourself to a functional car or buy a car from the dealer in the outpost.

Here is another one based on Lada Niva.

Sunday 13 December 2020

3d art tests

Recently I did art tests for some domestic companies and decided to put those here. There are three tests that I did in various periods. First one is tactical rifle optical sight in two colors rendered in Substance Painter and high poly render from 3d Coat.

Second one is Sci-fi vehicle called Atlas. I did a little research because I wanted to credit the original author and there was no such information on the concept art that I got for the test. It's created by Adrian Majkrzak, here is the link with exact concept and other works from the same author. 

Last one is model of a Radar Jammer from one game. Anyway, here is my version.


Tuesday 4 June 2019


Recently I played Total Annihilation again, maybe 4th time already. It's a game from 1998. It's pretty simple, two robot clans are fighting for predominance until they annihilate opposite side. Then it was a revolutionary game because all units were simple 3d models. A lot of similar games have been made since then but none would keep me awake all night as an original. This model is my version of Zipper, you can check all TA units here.

I like simple references like these, because they give you just basic idea of something and you are free to imagine everything else. My version would have two armor and weapon upgrades. Weapon upgrades are already done, next I'll be working on two other armors. I used 3ds MAX and a lot of 3d Coat, textures are made in Substance Painter, also used SP for weapon renders.

Put the video on 720p and loop. I can't find a way to predefined those options.

Currently I'm working on additional armor. Here are some renders of high poly version from 3d Coat.

Finally here is a textured model. Not like one above but fusion of some units from Total Annihilation and TA Kingdoms. There is a little story behind this. 

Those robots are in fact mining robots in distant galaxy on the planet that OREX Mining Corporation simply calls Site 13. The ore they dig is dangerous for humans, so there is a limited number of engineers overseeing the excavation process. People who are longer exposed to the unusual activity of the ore, begin to develop a variety of mutations. Unfortunately, for now, there is no known way to reverse the effect of ore on human beings. Mutants thus remain discarded in the Site 13 wasteland.

Technology is advancing rapidly and competing companies already own a newer generation of robot miners. So OREX has decided to replace the old models with new ones. Due to circumstances, the situation became more complicated for them. 

Although prepared for the simple tasks of excavating, separating and sorting ore, old equipment began to evolve for unknown reasons and became aware of its existence. Everything that is aware that it exists, of course, does not want to cease to exist. Somehow, they knew that when the more perfect models came, they would end up disassembled at some galactic junkyard waiting for recycling.

So, by some miracle, silent diggers began to organize themselves, use repair shops to improve their performance, build their own war machines, develop new types of robots specializing in their survival. They began to acquire all the essential features of a primitive society, and even resemble a human tribe from the ancient past. They named their tribe, selected a chief, set totems with their sign, divided the tasks to each individual, and readily waited for a new OREX drone shipment which supposed to replace them.

Here is one of the most numerous and most important pillars of their defense. We can simply call him Warrior.

Symbolically crafted from parts of dead miners, the totems of the Metallicus tribe were raised across the entire areas in their control. Their function was not only symbolic, but a system of early warning and defense against potential intruders. It was the kind of network that could communicate with every member of the tribe and alert him to the danger that was coming.

Processors of the fiercest warriors move into a specially formed detachment of berserkers. Armed to the teeth and equipped with jet pack they're in the true sense the death from above. Two fully upgraded laser rifles alternately firing deadly rays to the target, sharp blades in a rush from heights can penetrate most advanced armors and in the end there are sharp fangs that always win in melee.

Usually I don't paint over high poly models but this was fun and it gives me some guidelines for further modeling and texture creation. So here is the result.

More is coming soon...

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Freelance Projects

Here is some stuff that I worked on before and somehow I forgot to post it on the blog. Three different game projects. First one is Ally & Conquer for BOXI Interactive, a very demanding project where I worked on concept art, 3d models, textures and UI. This game supposed to be something like Call of Duty Heroes, online strategy but I think it never came to life.

Second one is Desert Owl's, Space Wars. This game is very much alive and you can try it on
I worked on models and textures for two big space ships and two space stations.
Here I will show only stations.

Third one is maybe my favorite project that I worked on for One Man Army Games and it's called Death Hand. You can check it here
For now, I will put only this render of the one of the game assets, but there will be much more of it later.


Tuesday 27 June 2017


I had an idea for this model for a very long time. It's purpose is to bring troops to the field and to be air support for them. Other major condition for this aircraft is to be able to land and take off vertically. At first it looked like Vertibird from Fallout, whose design I really like but later I changed the look in to something more futuristic. Anyway I started to work on high poly model, I didn't liked it so I gave up. I was looking for references on the Internet, pictures of  some cool and real aircraft and at the end I merged everything into this. I used 3d Coat a lot for this one and I can say it's very good piece of software. This is high poly model that is using simple mapping and materials and some decals. I plan to make low poly version and real textures, also I will model aircraft interior.

Here is one of the guns that is getting out from the aircraft sides. I made this one for the previous version of aircraft so some changes should be made.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Comic Book

As I mentioned in the very first post, intention of this blog is to motivate me to continue with traditional and digital drawing, which I neglected for too long, and to receive constructive criticism and advice for further progress. There are a lot of posts that are not strongly connected to the traditional drawing because of the job that I'm doing so my blog also serves me as a portfolio of my 3d works. Anyway everything is mutually connected with the personal project that I have on my mind for a long time. I'm publishing this here a little earlier than I planned because I registered on one comic page where I hope to get some constructive critique of my work. For now I got only two finished pages and one that needs coloring. Also there are some concepts of characters, weapons and vehicles that will take a part in the next chapter, but I'm still not ready to share it.

Thursday 14 January 2016

One Mutant per Day

How I'm not entirely satisfied with my sculpting skills I decided to practice a little bit. I found some old files  before a week ago. Date on the files is 2007. , that's the year when I lost all my work by accident. Don't play with Partition Magic if you don't know how it works. When I realized what happened I tried to recover everything with help of some disk recovery software and I was only half successful. There were really old works from 2002. mostly not modeled good but they could be used as a concepts and ideas for something. Anyway, I searched the archive of 3112 3d files and found some interesting mutant and human faces that I modeled back then. They were all derived from the same base model because all of them had the same error on the back of the neck. I decided to use them as a base mesh for sculpting. It's pretty amazing what you can do from simple old models. Somehow, I have a feeling that some of them will grow in fully developed characters. Next, I'll be practicing on some Cyborgs, there are plenty of them in that old archives. Mixtures of organic and hard surface modeling is always a good thing to practice.

 I'm currently working on one very interesting project which will definitely improve my skills, especially character sculpting, rigging and animation. I'm not even close to the end so unfortunately I had to put my personal project on hold. Anyway I'm happy to have a chance to collect some more experience that will help me a lot in future. Here is one guy that I started to work on in January. Seems that he'll get his body a little later.