Tuesday, 27 June 2017


I had an idea for this model for a very long time. It's purpose is to bring troops to the field and to be air support for them. Other major condition for this aircraft is to be able to land and take off vertically. At first it looked like Vertibird from Fallout, whose design I really like but later I changed the look in to something more futuristic. Anyway I started to work on high poly model, I didn't liked it so I gave up. I was looking for references on the Internet, pictures of  some cool and real aircraft and at the end I merged everything into this. I used 3d Coat a lot for this one and I can say it's very good piece of software. This is high poly model that is using simple mapping and materials and some decals. I plan to make low poly version and real textures, also I will model aircraft interior.

Here is one of the guns that is getting out from the aircraft sides. I made this one for the previous version of aircraft so some changes should be made.

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