Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Game Art

Here are some screens from one interesting, upcoming, IOS game. For now post is showing some of the buildings that will appear in the game, but will be updated with all game vehicle concepts and models soon. You can check some vehicles and character models on my 3d homepage.


I had a lot of fun creating all that stuff and I really enjoyed in cooperation with guys from Alienmob. Can't wait for game to be finished at last, to see how all that things look together and interact with each other.

More buildings...

This one is showing all game vehicles, from early sketches offering three various options for every vehicle to colored concepts and finally 3d models.

Here is link to game web page if someone wants to try it. For now it is still beta version.


You can also check the game trailer. It's simple video made in AE with materials used in game.


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