Monday, 10 September 2012

A lot of practice waits for me

Some honest people helped me to realize my mistakes when drawing. Currently I'm practicing drawing of objects in various perspectives. I approached to this problem seriously and divided practices to five different degrees. First, primitive objects in perspective, compound objects in different perspectives, technical objects, from vehicles to sci-fi humanoid robots, then figure and gesture of a human body, animals, and at the end interaction between bodies, probably the best example for that is sport, especially team sports as handball or football.

I discovered cool online application that can help amateur and self-taught persons, as I am. You can practice gesture and posing, lighting too. Here's a link

I ran on this relaxing video, maybe it's off topic and not really style that I'm chasing but it shows great painting knowledge through simplicity of shapes and colors. Well, I like this music also.

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